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All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

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Whenever Maya is angry, she lets out her anger by trampling. This time it was Runa who pissed her off. She trampled her head and back with her bare feet

When Mistress Jana comes home, she has to tell her slave exactly how much she has enjoyed her day. She walks all over her slave in her red pumps and talks. The longer she talks, the more she walks. When she notices that her slave it's that happy about her day, she takes her shoes off. She jumps up and down on her slave's chest, loving the pain she is causing.

When Lady Milena has to practice her balancing act, she knows the best way to do it. She calls her slave to her and she puts him on the floor. She puts a pillow under his head and steps her bare feet onto his face. She knows that she is smothering him but she has to work on her balancing act. She tries to hold still but she falls off. She puts her sweaty feet back on his face and continues.

When Erina gets good news, she has to share. She walks over to her prone slave and she starts to walk all over him. She doesn't care that her high heels are digging into his skin. She tells him her news and whens she sees that he is not excited enough, she takes her heels off. She is happy to jump up and down on his chest so that he can be just as excited as she is.

When this slave shrinks his mistress's dress, she calls for help to punish him. They stand around and tell him how worthless he is and how he can't do anything right. She takes her time and stands on his face. They all stand in his face, suffocating and choking him at times. She knows that he hates bare feet touching him but she doesn't care. He has to pay for his sin.

When Mistress Maeva goes for a walk, she enjoys doing it in wooded areas. There is something soothing about the woods and being alone with her slave. When she is ready to stop, her slave knows its time to lay on the ground so she can relax completely. She is happy to stand on her slave's neck as she meditates. She stretches her limbs while standing on his cock and chest. She loves being able to stand on her slave in nature, relaxing and meditating.

This babe Candy is one hot kinky slut! I just love watching this tall long legged babe trample on this poor losers face! After she makes him call her by her name and worship her, she then makes him lay on his face on the couch so she can proceed to trample on his poor face! Will he crack under the pressure, or will he be a good little boy and let her continue to trample him!?

I wore this cute outfit to please him and after our date. He never gave me a compliment. So I decided it was time to teach him a very valuable lesson. Since his head is so hard I thought standing on it and kicking him was the best way to soften it up. After he started crying like a little baby, I took off my shoes to keep them from getting too messy.

Mistress Katja spends some time experimenting with different shoes for her foot worshiping slave as she tortures and humiliates him in the most extreme ways. First she indulges him with a little bare feet trampling but things soon heat up as she slips on a pair of hard boot and enjoys some facestanding loving the imprint the sole leaves on his cheek. Her foot slave tries to be good and stay quiet but then the jumping begins

Mistress Katja loves trampling her foot slave, she bought a new pair of boots and decided to try them out on her slave. She climbs on top of him trampling him with her boots on causing him a lot of pain, she then uses her bare feet to trample his body and then stand on his head jumping and kicking his body in the process laughing at his humiliating pain.

Lady Melissa has her slave worshiping her feet when she is bored and decides to have a bit of action. With bound hands the slave has to lie on the floor while she tramples and stomps him with her bare feet. She starts to jump up and down on him until her cries out in pain and then smothers him with her sweaty soles. She stands on his face full-weight while doing so.

Tina surprised her Neighbor as he tried to peep through her window to get a nice view while she was sitting on the toilet! She overwhelmed him and bound his hands together. Then she began to punish him. First she walked all over his body with her sexy bare feet. Then she made him smell her stinky gothic boots...

Mistress Melissa's slave is made to lie on a glas wall in this clip. The camera has got a great view on her from down below. She smothers her slave with her sexy spandex. She sits on his face and enjoys to torture him. Then she tramples him with her sneakers. After that she takes them off to trample him with her bare feet!

Mistress Jesse's slave lays on the ground as she steps up on his chest with her full body weight. She smiles as he starts to groan and shuts him up by putting her socked foot right on his face. He is made to lick the sole of it and then she takes her socks off to trample his head with her full weight...

This sexy emo brat is very cold hearted. She found out that her teacher is into feet and now she blackmails him by making him worship her stinky feet and giving her good grades otherwise she will tell anyone about his secret passion. She loves humiliating and degrading him and he has to follow each of her instructions.

Sexy Lady Jessy tramples her slave with her shoes on. She walks all over him merciless and coldhearted. Next she removes her shoes to trample him with her bare feet. She stands on his chest and walks forward to stand on his head with her full weight! He takes all her punishment...

Lady Xenia has bound her slave hands together and put him on her favorite couch. Next she steps on his body and makes him carry her full weight. Her feet are socked and she makes him smell them. After that she takes them off to smother his face with her stinky bare feet. She even jumps on his chest to torture him.

Mistress Sammy's slave's hands are tied up and he is laying on the ground helplessly and delivered. There is no way for him to escape and she enjoys to trample him with her sexy orange mules. She even stands on his head with her full weight and visibly enjoys torturing him like that.

Lady Kimbaley tramples her slave with bare feet in this clip. She walks all over him with her entire body weight and shows no mercy even as she tramples his face and head with her full weight. She pushes her sexy stinky warm bare feet right against his face and makes him inhale her sexy scent. He doesn't tries to escape since he is to frightened about another punishment.

In this clip you can get a taste or preview of what it takes to be my personal living carpet. You have to carry my goddess body on your carpet-body. Since I find it amusing to torture you, it could be possible that I might walk on your weakest parts - but a good carpet boy will always obey and do what he's told to do.

Mistress Marion tramples the poor little slave. She walks all over him with her sexy bare feet and makes him cry. After trampling his head and face with her full and entire weight, she decides to reward her pathetic little doormat by letting him kiss and worship her perfect feet...

Zara has bound her slaves hands on the sofa legs with a tight robe. She tramples his head with her red flat boots and later she even performs some headstandings on his head with her full weight and bare feet. He cannot free himself so he must take all the torturing. Zara is really amused and continues her evil play...

Miss Sina is a new mistress and actually not used to the situation of owning a personal living carpet. This time she tries her first facestanding and surprisingly enjoys it very much! She steps on his head, makes him smell and kiss her feet and laughs in total enjoyment...

Lady Melissa ordered her slave into her office. Because of a busted deal with a client, she needs to let her aggressions out - right on her slave. See her as she tramples him with her bare feet and full weight. She steps on his chest, stands on his face and kicks him while she doesn't cares about his state...

Janina has her cuckold bound up, and lying on his back right to her feet on the ground. She enjoys having his face under her feet while she kisses her boyfriend. She jumps and stomps him and he cannot escape or resist her - and has to take all this evil punishment...

Celine and Jenny are a good team! See them both trampling one of their slaves. He lays down to their feet, as they both trample him full-weight with their bare feet. Jenny also steps on his face showing no mercy... Both girls enjoy this punishment very much - who wouldn't...?

See Mistress Katja, one of the most beautiful mistresses ever, trying different shoes on her slaves face. First she slips into her sneakers, then she uses her winter-boots and later she even tramples him with her bare feet. Her slave cannot do anything at all since his hands are bound together...

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