Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

All articles in archive 10/2010

Mistress Maeva's slave is lying on the ground! He can't help himself and lies there motionless. "What's wrong little pet?" she asks as she enters the room. "Oh I forgot, you can't speak. This bad drug was injected to you" - she smiled. Then she began to walk all over his body with her sexy black boots. All he could do was moaning and letting her torture him...

Glorious Mistress Chanel tramples her slave who is lying on the ground in the dirt outside in a forest. She has chosen this place to make sure anyone could see this loser groveling at her feet. She walks all over him with her sexy black boots and makes him carry her whole weight. After that he is made to lick the dirt right off her soles...

Mistress Melissa's slave is made to lie on a glas wall in this clip. The camera has got a great view on her from down below. She smothers her slave with her sexy spandex. She sits on his face and enjoys to torture him. Then she tramples him with her sneakers. After that she takes them off to trample him with her bare feet!

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