Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

All articles in archive 11/2010

The Puma girly is angry! Her boyfriend was lazy and she noticed that he didn't finish his chores as she returned from a hard day in the office. She beat him and put him on the ground of her flat. After that she began kicking him in anger. She busted his balls very violently and later she even trampled him with her full weight and her brown boots on. "If you are not able to get the smallest things done, you will be degraded to the smallest thing: my living door mat"...

Tina surprised her Neighbor as he tried to peep through her window to get a nice view while she was sitting on the toilet! She overwhelmed him and bound his hands together. Then she began to punish him. First she walked all over his body with her sexy bare feet. Then she made him smell her stinky gothic boots...

Lady Rabia is using her living doormat very often. She loves to make this loser worship her sexy black boots after a long walk in the forest. First he is made to lick all the dirt right off her soles. Then she continues with some punishment. She slaps his face, and kicks him very hard.

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