Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

All articles tagged with "Ball Busting"

Mistress Maeva is taking a walk in the woods when her slave misbehaves and she makes him lay down next to a large rock. She uses the rock to balance herself as she takes her sharp high heeled boots and tramples her slave with them. She puts her full weight onto his crotch and crushes his balls with her boots and then walks all over his entire body with her full weight.

This video has an extreme example of a full-body trample of a slave prone while mistress is wearing tight jeans and high-heeled boots. He moans in pain as Miss Koralie puts her full weight on him, jumping over his jest and finally kicking him in the balls with her sharp heels. Also, she walks on her face with the boots, trampling his head, both on the front and back.

Lady Rabia is using her living doormat very often. She loves to make this loser worship her sexy black boots after a long walk in the forest. First he is made to lick all the dirt right off her soles. Then she continues with some punishment. She slaps his face, and kicks him very hard.

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