Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

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While walking on the bridge Mistress Maeva finds a potential foot slave underneath her feet.. She tramples and jumps on him with the full weight of her high heeled boots. It is a humiliating experience for the poor slave as Maeva steps on his face and on his balls in her black high heel boots. She tramples his cock and balls and headstands on him without having any pity.

Mistress Maeva is a rough girl. She has managed to find a slave that is willing to do whatever she wants to do. Right in the middle of a hotel room he lays on the floor while she puts her full weight into her head trampling. He screams but she continues to trample all over his chest and balls, jumping very high at times. She won't stop until she is satisfied.

The mistresses Lea, Kitty and Maeva have their slave licking the dirty soles of their ballerinas. But the useless waste of space doesn't do it right. So they punish him by trampling on him. All three of them stand on him with their full body weight and he is forced to lick their shoes again despite the ladies moving over him. Maybe he learns his lesson this time.

Mistress Maeva's slave is lying on the ground! He can't help himself and lies there motionless. "What's wrong little pet?" she asks as she enters the room. "Oh I forgot, you can't speak. This bad drug was injected to you" - she smiled. Then she began to walk all over his body with her sexy black boots. All he could do was moaning and letting her torture him...

Mistress Maeva's slave is laying on the sofa as she enters the room. next she tramples him with her sexy black sneakers. She has worn them all day long and they are stinky as hell and later she even takes them off just to humiliate and degrade her slave much more by forcing him to smell her stinky socked feet...

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