Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

All articles tagged with "Sneaker Headstanding"

Mistress Lea and Lady her boyfriend are doing a little tour. Lea always takes her cuckold with herself. Suddenly she gets the desire of punishing him. So he has to lay down on the ground to get punished by her. She first tramples him with her full weight, and then she kicks and busts his balls with her sexy black plateau leather boots...

In this clip Mistress Marion has one special target: To make her slave suffer and break his limits. She stands on his chest wearing her sexy pink/black sneakers and tramples him over and over again like a living carpet. Then she goes over to level 2 where she stands and tramples his HEAD with her full weight. The poor guy has to take it all...

Two sexy young girls with tight blue jeans and white sneakers are having so much fun as they both trample a slave with their full weight at the same time. They stand on his head with their full weight and humiliate the living doormat by stomping him very violent.

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