Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

All articles tagged with "Sweaty Socks"

Mistress Xenia gets down to some hardcore trampling and humiliation with her lucky victim. Dressed in the highest of high black leather boots she uses this foot slaves body as a platform, stomping and trampling up and down, pausing to kick and crush his balls as she strides up and down squishing his face under the tough leather. She then removes her boots but not her sweaty socks and proceeds to spend some time smearing her dirty feet over his flushed face

Mistress Lydie tramples her slave with her sexy white and sweaty socks outside in the park. She wants to humiliate her slave right in front of people who pass them by. She stands on his face with her full weight and makes sure he suffers under her while she rubs those stinky socks all over his face...

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