Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

Russian Mistresses Katarina, Macha and Irina are having a little fun with some loser. He is to lie down on the floor and the tree have a lot of fun trampling him and kicking his face really hard with their shoes. They even jump onto it full-weight. The slave has to endure their savage facebusting and the girls are laughing at him for being such a pathetic bastard.

Lady Melissa has her slave worshiping her feet when she is bored and decides to have a bit of action. With bound hands the slave has to lie on the floor while she tramples and stomps him with her bare feet. She starts to jump up and down on him until her cries out in pain and then smothers him with her sweaty soles. She stands on his face full-weight while doing so.

The mistresses Lea, Kitty and Maeva have their slave licking the dirty soles of their ballerinas. But the useless waste of space doesn't do it right. So they punish him by trampling on him. All three of them stand on him with their full body weight and he is forced to lick their shoes again despite the ladies moving over him. Maybe he learns his lesson this time.

Miss Gladys makes her step aerobics on her slaves face. Wearing her black stiletto heel boots just to add more pain she steps up and down his face with her full body weight while the slave is lying in the floor. When this isn't enough fun for her she starts to trample his throat and even pushes her stiletto heel into the sensible skin. Her cruel punishment is just right for the unworthy loser.

Princess Pumagirly has a trampling session with her slave. In her brown wedge heel boots she trample all over his body and face. But the loser makes too much noise for her liking. His cries and grunts are punished by her. She starts to kick him. All of his body get her cruel treatment. Even his face and his cock are not spared until he lies in fetal position at her feet.

Mistress Zaza's slave has not pleased her. She takes him outside and makes him lie down on the dirty cold ground beside a railing. With her flat heeled boots she starts trampling all over his belly and face and even uses the hand railing to jump up and down on him with her full body weight. When this doesn't satisfy her she begins to trample his hand with her dirty boots or stands on his throat to hush his cries for mercy.

Mistress Laurie hates this stupid faggot! She always does. And now it's time for a nice punishment. He sits on the ground with his hands bound together and next she begins to trample and kick him very hard. Then he is made to sit so she can easily kick his ugly face over and over again...

Mistress Maryline has so much fun commanding her husband! She just found out that he has a submissive site and now she loves to trigger it. This time she makes him become her living door mat in public! He has to lie down as she walks all over him with her sexy boots. Next she makes him lick the dirt and swallow it for her...

Verena asked her boyfriend many times to please her foot fetish but he always refuses her. It wasn't his thing he said and he rather would like to have a good fuck! So one day she trapped him and bound his hands to her bed. Next she told him that he will become her living doormat if he would enjoy that or not. Next she began to trample him with her flip flops and after that she rubbed her stinky bare feet all over his face...

Mistress Irina is the daughter of a criminal leader. Sometimes he brings some guy home who need to be punished and tortured so that they will do their jobs more efficient in the future. Irina is known as the sadistic daughter and she has a lot of fun hurting those poor guys. She tramples them, kicks them very heavily and enjoys their painful cries...

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