Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

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Mistress Dula was shocked to learn that this guy had been misinforming her. She could not understand why the hell he could do that especially when he knew she would find out. He had not banked on her finding out but she did and now she had to punish him which she did by head trampling and teaching him a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. It worked out.

Mistress Dula and her business rival had decided to always keep things civil between them and that is why they never had major issues despite the fact that they were rivals. They agreed that no one should employ underhand tactics. But she was shocked that he ditched their agreement and he started using them as he felt that she was doing better than him. She crushed his head with her boots and pumped some sense into him.

These mistresses all had an issue with their professor. This is because he had a habit of taking advantage of beautiful girls in his class and sleeping with them in exchange for good grades. They did not want that and that is why they came together and punished him when they realized that they were all victims of his behavior. The mistresses trapped him and head trampled him using high heels.

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