Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

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Miss Laurie wears her killer boots in this clip. She calls them like that because she knows how to use their deadly heel to torture her slave very much. She makes him lay on the ground and simply walks all over his entire body. She doesn't take care of him because it's so much fun for her to trample him and make him scream that way...

Miss Laurie has her very own method to reward her slave. She puts on her most abused and stinkiest pantyhose and tramples her servant with her full weight. She makes him sniff and smell her feet right through those dirty and wracked pantyhose... What a lucky guy!!!

Miss Laurie tramples her victim while she wears her sexy pumps. First she steps on his back with her full weight, smashing her sharp heels right into his skin to leave some nice red marks. Then she turns him around to trample his chest. She even steps on his face with her full weight!!! What cavalier mistress...

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