Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

Queen Marie did not like how this guy gave her the silent treatment. She had to dominate him and she did so using her head trampling fetish. The mistress laughed at the guy and she knew that he had learned his mistake given how he was trying to make her stop what she was doing to him. He promised not to give her the silent treatment again and apologized for what he had done.

Lady Scarlet did not think it was a good idea for this guy to be as shameless as he was. She felt that it was up to her to make him realize that he had to learn to give a damn because he clearly did not. So the mistress face trampled him and head trampled him as well. He was humiliated and he was in pain from it all but he learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia did not want to take chances with her exam. That is why she hunted down her professor and she made him give her some of the questions in advance for her to prepare. She dominated him by trampling him all over starting with his head and then working her way down to his groin and his feet. The pain made him agree to what the mistress wanted from him.

Lady Scarlet and her friends had to punish this guy for being a pain in the ass and that is why they had to humiliate him in a cruel manner. The mistresses chose to use head trampling to make him understand that what he was doing was not ok and that he had to stop it. He had no choice because of the many things that they did to him.

Mistress Dula and her business rival had decided to always keep things civil between them and that is why they never had major issues despite the fact that they were rivals. They agreed that no one should employ underhand tactics. But she was shocked that he ditched their agreement and he started using them as he felt that she was doing better than him. She crushed his head with her boots and pumped some sense into him.

Mistress Missy felt that this guy had poor oral hygiene and since she did not want anyone associated with her to have that, she set out to punish him, which she did as cruelly as she needed to. He was shocked but he did not have a choice other than to do what the mistress had told him to do. He knew he could no longer ignore her if he wanted to live in peace.

Goddess Gabriella was asked by her friend mistress Scarlet to help her torture her man and she did it. She agreed to help her friend to torture her husband who had picked up some bad manners which were threatening their union. Before she filed for divorce, she tried to head trample him so as to teach him a lesson and she was surprised that it worked and he changed for the better.

This girl was childish and lady Layla wanted to send a message to her and to make sure that she not only learned her lesson, but that she understood that the mistress would not tolerate that childishness. The mistress laughed at her as she tried to beg her and promised that she would change. The mistress had to finish what she had started despite his cries and what he promised.

This mistress did not take it kindly when her husband ignored her. She had to punish him because she felt that he had to be taught a lesson and for him to know that it was not right to treat his wife that way. So she head trampled him until he cried and begged her for mercy. He promised the mistress that he would never try to do that again.

These mistresses all had an issue with their professor. This is because he had a habit of taking advantage of beautiful girls in his class and sleeping with them in exchange for good grades. They did not want that and that is why they came together and punished him when they realized that they were all victims of his behavior. The mistresses trapped him and head trampled him using high heels.

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