Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

This girl was childish and lady Layla wanted to send a message to her and to make sure that she not only learned her lesson, but that she understood that the mistress would not tolerate that childishness. The mistress laughed at her as she tried to beg her and promised that she would change. The mistress had to finish what she had started despite his cries and what he promised.

This mistress did not take it kindly when her husband ignored her. She had to punish him because she felt that he had to be taught a lesson and for him to know that it was not right to treat his wife that way. So she head trampled him until he cried and begged her for mercy. He promised the mistress that he would never try to do that again.

These mistresses all had an issue with their professor. This is because he had a habit of taking advantage of beautiful girls in his class and sleeping with them in exchange for good grades. They did not want that and that is why they came together and punished him when they realized that they were all victims of his behavior. The mistresses trapped him and head trampled him using high heels.

Mistress Gabriella and mistress Scarlet found this guy's behavior to be condescending. They were not going to allow him continue with that behavior so they tried to get him to change. But he did not and so they had no alternative but to trample him, which they did with their high heels as well as with their bare feet. He was in pain as they head trampled him and made him cry.

Mistress Ariel did not want anything to do with her ex and that is why she opted to head trample him. She had to do it as cruelly as she could because she did not want him to think that it was ok to try and mess with her as he had been doing ever since they broke up. As the pain got to him, he realized that she did not want anything to do with him.

Goddess Kiffa and her friends goddess Hellne and mistress Barbara had all fallen victim to this guy's conmanship. They did not want to let him go scotfree so they came up with a way to punish him so that all of that nonsense could end. They did not want anyone else to be his victim so they head trampled him painfully and when this guy tried to help him, he was also head trampled.

When these mistresses were ignored by this guy, they felt bad but they let it go. But when he kept doing it repeatedly, they knew that they had to deal with him and that is why they had to punish and torture him. They made sure of it by torturing him with their sneakers. They head trampled him and made sure he learned his painful lesson and that he changed.

This guy wanted to date mistress Lith. She found him ok but she had to make sure he passed the test. She did not want a boyfriend who was a coward or who could not handle a little pain. So she trampled him with her boots to test him but she did not tell him why she was doing it. She was impressed with how he handled the pain and she agreed to go out with him.

This loser did not want to leave this mistress alone and she had to find a way to make him stop bothering her. She did so by trampling him with her sneakers. She wore them and then used them to crush and trample him from head to toe. He also had to lick her stockings which were a little smelly. He got the message and did not bother her again.

This girl had her eyes on this mistress's man and she was not going to let her man be put through such temptations. So she had to hunt down the girl and teach her a lesson. She did this by forcing the girl to lie down and she head trampled her cruelly and painfully. And it was after that that the girl realized that she had been messing with the wrong guy and she stopped.

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