Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

Mistress Lea and Lady Kitty are enjoying the great sunny weather. They both are trampling their slave with full body weight. They even perform some headstandings while they push his head under the water. He has to take it all and the girls are visibly amused as they rest their feet on his face.

French mistress Kitty tramples a slave under her sexy black high heels. She tramples his body as well as his head and face. You can see the sharp heels digging into his weak cheeks while the slave moans in pain.

Mistress Sammy's slave's hands are tied up and he is laying on the ground helplessly and delivered. There is no way for him to escape and she enjoys to trample him with her sexy orange mules. She even stands on his head with her full weight and visibly enjoys torturing him like that.

Miss Laurie wears her killer boots in this clip. She calls them like that because she knows how to use their deadly heel to torture her slave very much. She makes him lay on the ground and simply walks all over his entire body. She doesn't take care of him because it's so much fun for her to trample him and make him scream that way...

Lydie wears a pair of very sexy high heeled boots in this clip. She walks over the muddy ground and as her boots are really dirty, she makes her slave lay down in the dirt so she can rub all the mud that's stuck on her soles against his clothes and face. She walks all over him, tramples his pathetic body and even steps right on his head...

Dara and Melissa make the perfect duo of evilness. They both are wearing sexy bikinis and turning their male slave into their will less pet. They trample him, make him worship their sexy stinky feet and they walk all over him. They even stand on his face with their full weight - and he has to take it all, no mercy is expected and also not granted...

Lady Bianca punishes her ex boyfriend who is laying on the ground with his hands bound together. She tramples him with her sexy shoes, walks over his chest and even stands on his face and head with her full weight. She smiles down at him and enjoys his suffering - she seems to find it amusing. Then she takes off her shoes and walks over his face with her bare feet.

Lady Kimbaley tramples her slave with bare feet in this clip. She walks all over him with her entire body weight and shows no mercy even as she tramples his face and head with her full weight. She pushes her sexy stinky warm bare feet right against his face and makes him inhale her sexy scent. He doesn't tries to escape since he is to frightened about another punishment.

Jenny and Celine love to trample their little helpless victims. Helpless is a good keyword since her slave's hands are bound together. The poor slave has to carry their full weight as he lays on the ground unable to move or resist this evil torturing. Both girls are having so much fun and they keep laughing all the time...

In this clip you can get a taste or preview of what it takes to be my personal living carpet. You have to carry my goddess body on your carpet-body. Since I find it amusing to torture you, it could be possible that I might walk on your weakest parts - but a good carpet boy will always obey and do what he's told to do.

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