Head Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slave's heads.

Mistress Samira and Lady Sarah surprised an intruder as he wanted to enter their house! They overwhelmed him and trample him with their sexy boots and their full weight. He suffers in pain and lays on the ground unable to escape as both girls walk all over him like he is just a carpet...

Mistress Katja wrapped her slave in cling wrap until he is totally unable to move himself. She tramples and tortures him and as he cries in pain to loud, she simply wraps the cling wrap around his head to shut him up! Now she continues to punish and torture him.

Mistress Weronika enjoys it to trample her slave with her sexy and smelly nylons. She stands on his head with her complete weight while she smothers his mouth and nose and makes it impossible for him to breathe anything else than just her foot smell...

Isabelle has very big and gorgeous feet. In this clip she uses them to trample her slaves head and face. Her feet are so big that his whole face is simply covered under her sexy soft soles. She stands on him with her full weight and makes him smell and worship her bare feet...

See Mary Lou, a sexy 20 year old girl from Düsseldorf, Germany in her first head trampling clip. Although it's her first head trampling she does a damn good job in hurting his guy! She starts wearing her converse sneakers at first and flattens his head underneath her shoe soles before she takes them off and uses her sexy bare feet to trample his head and face underneath! So young, so sexy, so cruel!

Camille and Angie - 2 French hotties - trample a guy under their boot soles. But they don't just trample his body but his head and face too! They don't care if their human carpet is in pain - they even force him to lick their dirty boot soles clean while standing on the side of his head!

French mistress Penelope tramples her slave's throat and face under her feet wearing sandals. She stands on his throat with all her weight on one foot first before she includes his face in the trampling. She tramples his face in all imaginable positions causing her slave much pain!

A girl massages her boyfriends face with her feet by standing on it wearing various pairs of flip flop shoes. She stands on his face for over 20 minutes! The slave lies on the ground and has no other choice than to remain there until his mistress doesn't want to try out a new pair of shoes. And this will take a lot of time...! So he has to stay the pain some more time...!

Miss Sina is a new mistress and actually not used to the situation of owning a personal living carpet. This time she tries her first facestanding and surprisingly enjoys it very much! She steps on his head, makes him smell and kiss her feet and laughs in total enjoyment...

Miss Laurie has her very own method to reward her slave. She puts on her most abused and stinkiest pantyhose and tramples her servant with her full weight. She makes him sniff and smell her feet right through those dirty and wracked pantyhose... What a lucky guy!!!

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